Submitting To A Higher Power…

….. has always been a struggle for me, but I think it’s getting easier thanks to dating apps.

I wouldn’t say that I can’t handle authority, or that I don’t follow directions well. In fact, I feel like that’s the opposite. But when it comes to submitting to a higher power like God, or whatever deity you may subscribe to, I’ve been tormented by it for a while. I wanted to submit at times, but my mind couldn’t commit. I had given up trying; content to live a life under my own rule. But recently, my work on ‘Morning Koffy’ brought this idea of submitting back to me.

See, we have this bit where the hosts, Paul Koffy and Jasmine Sadry, take over my online dating apps like Tinder and Bumble and send my matches messages for me. And for some reason, I was finding it difficult to just let them do it. I would add lines that weren’t approved or argue with what they wanted to send, and I couldn’t just give them control. But we’re pretty friendly with each other on and off-air, so we had a long talk about it, and I’m getting better.

I’ve let go of control for that, and it’s making me revisit my mindset when it comes to submitting to a higher power. It’s not just a switch you can turn on and off. It’s a process; a constant struggle. And maybe that’s the point….