Paul Koffy

Moving Everywhere But On…  I have been the guy experiencing the events of my life over the last 3.75 years or so, but a big part of me feels like I was just watching it.

And that’s not a bad thing. I’m invested, motivated, all the things – but I am also just watching.

The latest in the episodes of me that I am watching is the purchase of a new place just outside of Nashville in Lebanon, TN. This event, more than any other, is one of the biggest events
in the last 20+ years of my life. (Side note the real estate market here is just as whacko as everywhere else and stacked on top of that I had some very for real false items on my credit report that were a nightmare to get removed. I have been in and out of
cheap hotels for a full year as I commuted back and forth from Nashville to LA – lower Alabama – to be with dogs and family.)

When my wife earned her ticket to pure light and love I expected that all the special days would be the hardest – holidays, birthdays, all the typical ones, but they weren’t.

There definitely are some consistent difficult scenarios but for the most part, our connection has had a good hold even though it is through a veil. Also, I am very lucky in that I have
a beautiful connection with my family. My parents, my kids, my grandkids, siblings, and my fur kids are all more important to me than I think they realize.

Now as I watch me, I see a first that I really had never even thought to consider. Faced with it I am having to process so many other things. I’m buying a home and going on this big adventure
– solo.

Somethings we move on from or distance, be it time or space, causes energy to dissipate in the strength of the connection. Every instance gives us a chance to reaffirm who we are or gives
us an opportunity to choose anew. We all are given a myriad of choices every day to decide who it is we are and who we want to be. I can experience what this is and at the same time, I am witnessing it.

So here’s to what’s coming next! I look forward to experiencing it as well as witnessing it, solo but not alone.



I love God, I love Jesus, I am passionate about direct experience of Faith, Love, expanding the mind to integrate that love more and more in my life. I love people and animals. Connecting with people via a vibe with and smile is the greatest connection to be had. I have a tractor, sawmill, 5 dogs – depending on year have anywhere from 1 to 150 stands of bees. Grease, dirt, sweat, realizing I should have read the directions better, mixing 2 cycle gas wrong, bonfires, floorboards that need to be cleaned. I live the lifestyle of the music, I live and embrace the life of America outside the perimeter of downtown. LAUGHTER LAUGHTER LAUGHTER LAUGHTER.  LetterKenny is most recent favorite show. Ruth on Ozark is awesome.